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Over 100 years of protecting the health of our nation through our plumbing, pipefitting, and HVAC service work

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Updates and announcements for UA Local 467 members.

COVID-19 testing is free to all Local 467 health care plan participants. If any out-of-pocket COVID-19 test expenses are incurred, receipts can be submitted to the Local 467 health care plan for reimbursement.

Free Flu Shots for Local 467 Members and their dependents who are 18 years and older. A convenient time is October 23 at UA Local 467 Union Hall.

The Board of Trustees of the U.A. Local 467 Defined Contribution 401(k) Plan (“Plan”) is pleased to inform you that the Plan has been amended consistent with the Coronavirus Aid…

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The Best Plumbers, Pipefitters, Welders, & HVAC Mechanics in
San Mateo County!

UA Local 467 Plumbers, Steamfitters, and Refrigeration Fitters were chartered in 1903. Our contractors employ the members of UA Local 467 in many construction Industries. We work in the Heavy Industrial, Commercial and Residential Sectors. We also specialize in HVAC Services. UA Local 467 is extremely proud to be a productive member of the San Mateo County business community.

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We understand the administration of employee benefits


Self-funded PPO

One of the options offered to Employees and to Retirees who are not eligible for Medicare


Kaiser HMO

Employees, Pre-Medicare Retirees, and Medicare-eligible Retirees


Medicare Supplemental

Active and Retired Employees and their dependent spouses who are age 65 and over, Permanently Disabled, or who have end-stage renal disease



The Board of Trustees of the UA Local 467 Retirement Funds is dedicated to making the Funds more accessible and friendlier to Participants.

The Trust Fund sponsors two plans: the Defined Benefit Plan and the Defined Contribution & 401K Plan. The amount of benefits you receive, and your eligibility for certain rights under the Plan, depends on how much Benefit Credit you have accrued.